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Google Ads suspended? Here is what to do.
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Google Ads is by far the most famous platform of the search engine Google, which is used to make digital advertising through ads of different types. In this digital age, advertising is crucial for any business that wants to grow.

There is no doubt that this tool can be rather effective, however, in order for it to work effectively, it is necessary to know the tool well. So today we will let you know step by step how to get it sorted.

First and foremost, find out the reason for the ad suspension.

There is a long list of reasons why your Google Ads campaign can be rejected (apart from malware). So the best thing to do is to identify the exact problem. It's not complicated, Google itself will tell you in the 'Status' column of your ad account.

Based on the reason given by Google, you will need to take a number of actions in order to put an end to the problem in question. We recommend first creating a new ad rather than editing an existing ad. This process will help ensure that one ad keeps running while your new ad is under review (Once the new ad is approved, you can delete the old ad). 


If your ads have been under review for more than 3 business days, you can send your ad review request to the team directly.

Be aware it may affect the ad itself, or the landing page it is directed to, so the changes to be made can vary. Once the changes or new ad is created it will automatically be sent for review. So make sure you comply with each and every requirement of the Google Ads ad policy.

If after the first step your Ads are still rejected as “Malicious Software”.

Make sure the website is 100% free of infections. The following online tools are quite useful to define whether a site is clean toward Google

Google console

Transparency report

Blacklist check

"Ads rejected by malware" is the way in which the Google platform alerts you about a possible infection of your website. This is in order to protect the searchers that click on your ads from a possible infection as well. 

In some cases, the denial could be a mistake, but most likely is not, so you should pay attention and immediately take action. It is important to do a thorough scan of the entire site, including the database, core files, check your FTP users etc. Also, make sure the downloaded themes or plugins are clean, this should be directly from the original zip before installing so that you avoid the reoccurrence of the same inconvenience.

Contacting Google Ads and timing

Once the site is confirmed as clean, the ad rejected by malware should be re-check, after the Google robot does the automatic review. If after 24-48 hours this does not happen, the next step is to contact Google Ads support directly to request a manual review. And for this you have us, we have developed expertise in reaching them to approve the Google Ads.



The manual review is the process by which the Google Ads team will scan your website to make sure it is clean and thus ensure that your ads are approved. To do this, you should have a screenshot of your Search Console with the website in question, where you can note to them your website is safe and functioning as intended. You should also have a screenshot from an alternative tool that shows that your website is indeed 100% safe. Google will ask you to send them these files in order to proceed with the manual review.

If they haven't found the specific reason for the rejection please let us know, so our experts will do their very best on getting the Adwords team to have your campaigns and ads up running again.

We must WARN YOU the timing depends on many factors thus we ask you for your patience while we work on it :) Yes we know, this could be a tedious process. HOWEVER, you don’t have to go through all this alone as we are here for you!

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