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My website uses SSL Certificate - Why did I get Hacked?
Last Updated 2 years ago


Be aware that having SSL is indeed a great thing for a site. But unfortunately, this doesn't mean your site is 100% secure as it offers very little protection in terms of defending your site from hackers hacking it, they are used to encrypt transaction data on the website and thus protect your visitor’s/customer’s data.

Even if you have a SSL certificate on the website you are still opened to various types of hacks and can have the hacked activities to run with the SSL installed - You can check more on this topic in our blog post SSL CERTIFICATE – DO I NEED IT FOR MY WEBSITE

"Our SharkGate firewall service has a role of preventing hack attempts from reaching your site, whereas SSL then, as noted before, ensures the communication between the visitors and the website is encrypted. So these services do not exclude each other – quite the contrary. SSL certification and SharkGate firewall are complementary security services that ensure security of your website and your website visitors."


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