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Do I Have to Change Hosting with Your Service?
Last Updated 5 months ago


Often, we receive this question and to be precise as part of the service we offer - We are not a hosting company and thus we do not host sites :) and therefore you will not need to change your hosting company with our cleaning and protecting service.

We use RimuHosting as the company hosting our firewall infrastructure. Once your website has been cleaned by our security experts, we will adjust your site's DNS in case you have subscribed to use our SharkGate Firewall, the domain will point to our firewall, but the site would is still hosted on your server.

This might look to someone not experienced (even happens with some tier hosting’s support) as if the site has changed hosting, but that is not really the case. The website remains where it originally is - only the DNS looks different.

Therefore, if you or your hosting happen to see that in the NS and DNS records, pointed to a different info then hosting - You can check the A records for the domain using:

Someone might think the website is pointed to a CDN, or a proxy. HOWEVER, to rule out the possibility of a migrated website, you can create a file i.e. onehour_test.txt on the hosting account and try accessing it, using the _test.txt. You will be able to access it, hence the website is still in the same place.

In resume, this is nothing to worry about and you can learn more about how SharkGate works ;)

To note: we have customers that host their websites with all known and unknown hosting providers, and we can work with all of them. In case you would like to change your hosting provider, feel free to check in with our support team for advice.

"Website security is a bit of a buzzword at the moment with even websites like Nasa or Amazon which spend a fortune on security measures can getting hacked. Small websites are often easy targets with out of date software and the lack of security updates being applied to wordpress, joomla, magento and the likes"

I’m not sure about changing NS/DNS - Is the firewall really necessary?

We do know how important is to have a strong protection now-days as having the website updated, CMS patched and using some plugin security is just not enough.

SharkGate™ website protection is in its essence a Cloud-Based firewall which uses an artificial intelligence to identify if a code that was inserted was malicious, in violation or anything and informs me.It has a self-learning system so as you use the web more it learns your behavior and monitors for behaviors outside the normal.

Changing the nameservers (NS) or DNS is crucial for implementing the firewall. The firewall acts as a protective barrier against potential security threats to your website. By changing the nameservers, you enable the firewall to filter incoming traffic, block malicious activities, and enhance the overall security of your site.

In essence, the firewall is a proactive security measure that helps prevent unauthorized access, hacking attempts, and other malicious activities. It adds an extra layer of protection to your website, making it more resilient to potential threats. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, feel free to ask, and we'll provide further clarification.

To crown it all, your website can definitely benefit from all our service features (malware removal, ongoing protection, free SSL, blacklist etc.) without having to move to another hosting company. We definitely understand this matter to the letter and thus make our security protection quite flexible to play well along any hosting setup. Plus, our team stands out for its cooperation when it comes to coordinate with them directly for any hosting related concerns and address these super quick.

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