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Does Firewall Affects my SEO Rating/Ranking?
Last Updated a year ago


As per the firewall setup and whether it effects SEO - as you probably know SEO is affected by numerous things and Google now does not even disclose what exactly goes into their search algorithms. Therefore we can talk from our experience and we have not had one case where our clients complained about their search rank while using the firewall setup. We even had reports where our clients said their rank got better with use of the firewall. As we don't have full technical proof :) we can't claim the same, but given our service allows sites to load better (Google likes that) and that prevents hacks from happening there is a reasonable argument that the firewall even improves the SEO.

Google is stating that Admins in Google Webmaster tools can control the site's ranking and that is absolutely true - one can do it by submitting XML sitemaps, indexing the site etc., but these are not functions we participate in as we do not manage site's SEO processes. Our goal is always to have the site clean and secured without interrupting any of the other site's roles or functions.

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