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Create a Cloudflare account and add a website
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To create a Cloudflare account and to add a website to the same you will first have to have full access to your website's domain registrar.

To confirm where your domain is registered you can use tools like Domaintools where you can look up your domain and check your official domain registrar:


Once you are sure you have access to this (in most cases it is your hosting company) follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your Email and Password

3. Click Create Account

Once you are in proceed with adding the site - click on the Add Site button:


1. Enter your website root domain. E.g. if your website is, type

2. Cloudflare will do its magic and will try to identify all of your DNS records. This will take one to two minutes.

3. Then click Next and pick your Plan - go for the Free option!

4. Compare the DNS records Cloudflare picked up to the ones you have originally. If any are missing (which is rare but possible) add them manually
NOTE- this is super important! If not done correctly and if all records are not transferred to new CF account it can cause issues for websites or even downtime. 

5. Click Next and you will be provided with a new set of Nameservers


6. Perform this change in your Registrar and you are good to go!

It will take some time for the setup to propagate on the internet, but Cloudflare will pick up on it automatically.

You can also track changes via independent services like WhatsMyDNS.

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