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Firewall Feature - Our Dashboard
Last Updated 6 months ago

Below is a brief about how to use our dashboard when it is necessary to whitelist IP, block visitors or resetting your login password.

 Whitelisting IPs

This feature is always use when it comes to giving access to your personal developer/webmaster once the website is behind our firewall.

Once you have logged in, please go to


Once you have situated this option in the dashboard, all you need to do is: type in the desired IP you want to permit access: i.e. and save changes.

Blocking visitors

Blocking out visitors was never so easy. For that you just need to go to:


From here you can block visits from certain countries or continents instead. Once the changes are saved you might need to wait a few minutes for its propagation

How to reset password

Before we start, please make sure you are trying to login using the right USERNAME which is not your email address. Usually the username is your domain name without “.com” i.e. onehoursitefix

To get your SharkGate password reset please go to and click on the I forgot my password link as indicated below


This will open a new webform where you can insert your email address and request a new password:


I do hope this info helps., but of course if you require any additional assistance do let us know

Last but no least - Sharkgate Dashboard Manual

SharkGate firewall dashboard access is provided only to users of the SharkGate firewall protection service.

You can log in to it HERE.

You can check how to use it and edit its features HERE.

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